How to create a working set in Eclipse

So, the amount of imported projects that your eclipse IDE has, seems like turning it into a mess?

Have you already thought of a way to separating them into smaller sets, according to the project/concept that they rely on?

Here is an example of mine, when I wanted to split some of the projects, regarding the JCG community.

1) Near the “Package Explorer”, click the drowdown button (the corresponding tooltip names it “View Menu”) :

2) From the options provided, click on Select Working Set:

3) Select th Java as the Working set type:

4) Create a new Window Working Set:
5) Give a name to the working set and after selecting the projects that you want to be added to it, click “Finish”:
6) After creating the working set, a window pops up, prompting you to declare the working sets that you currently want to work with, so just check them and click “OK”:
7) Obviously, now the Package Explorer is set up according to the projects included in the selected working set:
Alternative Paths
  • You can edit the existing projects of a working set by selecting Edit Active Working Set from the “View Menu” dropdown (this option is visible if there is at least one working set in your Eclipse environment).
  • You can deselect a working set in order to get the Package Explorer to its initial state (displaying all existing projects in the workspace that Eclipse runs on) by clicking Deselect Working Set from the “View Menu” dropdown.

How to export Eclipse project as a .zip file

Hi there!

After a pretty exhausting day at work, I thought why not updating a little bit my blog with a post that someone could find useful?

I got inspiration while writing my last tutorial for Java Code Geeks, which I scheduled for tomorrow (and yes, you guessed it right, I’m gonna talk again about a tutorial of mine hah).

So, most of you that ended up to this post, possibly found yourself in the same position as I did, a long time ago: while working on an eclipse project, you simply thought about zipping the whole project and yes, it would be cool if there was a way to implement it not by hand.

Here are the steps:

  • Right-click on the project and navigate to Export :

  • Select Archive File and click Next : 
  • Select which folders/files you wish to exclude from the final .zip (I excluded the target folder, as you see), give a name to the compressed file and hit Finish : 

And a final note : target  folder is what comes out from maven execution, so we obviously don’t need it in a .zip file or in a project that we plan to upload to github, for example.

Hope you found it interesting,