Prevent spill overs from last Sprint ending up in the other team’s Sprint

1. Situation

  • 2 Scrum Teams
  • 1 Product Backlog

2. Problem

2.1 Example Approach

Let’s say we have 2 Scrum Teams, Team A and Team B.

Last Sprint had the name of Sprint5. In that Sprint, Team A wasn’t able to complete all the stories, so, by the time we are about to complete Team’s A sprint, we get the warning that those items are going to be moved to the next Sprint. You think:

Of course I want them to be moved to the next Sprint, since we have already made quite a bit of progress on those ones and we wanna complete them in the upcoming Sprint. I’ll press ok!

Boooom. Those items are not moved to Team’s A Sprint6, but in Team’s B Sprint6!

3. Solution

3.1 Move next Sprint up

Before completing the last Sprint (Sprint5), make sure you have moved your new one (Sprint 6), on top of the other Team’s (Team B) new one (Sprint6):


3.2 Complete last Sprint

And then complete the last Sprint (Sprint5).



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